10 Gorgeous and Unexpected Bathroom Lighting Looks

Build: @legendhomestn || Design: @jfy_designs || Lighting: @grahamsliving || Photo: @cameronpremo

Gone are the days of unsightly vanity lights and now is the time where style and function get to take center stage. From sleek sconces to bold pendants to backlit mirrors, the sky’s the limit when it comes to selecting lighting for your bathroom vanity. Check out these 10 incredible vanity lighting ideas that are sure to inspire your 2023 home project dreams!

Sleek and simple

Builder: @legendhomestn || Lighting: @grahamsliving || Interior Design: @jfy_designs || Photos: @cameronpremo

Say goodbye to outdated vanity bar lights and say hello to a whole new world of bright and beautiful sconces. Sconces are a simple way to elevate the lighting in your bathroom and oftentimes serve as functional artwork – enhancing the overall design of the space.

Understated Charm

Build: @lunacustomhomes || Design: @letitbedesignco || Lighting: Grahams Living || Photo: @cameronpremo

Lighting your bathroom should never be an afterthought. The style and placement can have a huge effect on the overall look and feel of your space. Whether you choose opposing walls, on either side of the mirror, or centered above, the lighting and placement you choose helps create that room’s personality.

Timeless Elegance

Build: @traceconstruction || Design: Cara Brock || Lighting: Grahams Living || Photo: @cameronpremo

Updating the placement of your lighting can have a huge impact, and we love to see timeless lighting fixtures in a more modern location. This blend will stand the test of time while still feeling totally up-to-date and elegant.

Luxurious Lighting

Build: @legendhomestn || Design: Cara Brock || Lighting: Grahams Living || Photo: @cameronpremo

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. These luxurious wall sconces were mounted directly on the mirror, maximizing light and capturing the full beauty of the space and accompanying lighting surrounding it.

Rustic Beauty

Build: @traceconstruction || Lighting: Grahams Living || Photo: @cameronpremo

We love lighting that stays in character and truly accentuates the design around it. These rustic cuties are the perfect addition to this bathroom. While the vanity lighting could have easily been installed over the mirror, this placement adds to the character of the space.

The Bold and The Beautiful

Build: @traceconstruction || Lighting: Grahams Living || Photo: @cameronpremo

Whatever you thought about bathroom lighting rules…. throw them out the window. Well, maybe not ALL of the rules (remember our reference to the hideous vanity bar lights earlier??) But really, don’t be afraid to be bold and let your style shine, you may just love the results!

Be Playful

Builder: @buildnashville || Interior Design: @elena_desoto_interior_design || Photographer: @allisonelefantephoto || Lighting: @grahamsliving + @megmacawesome

Speaking of letting your inner style shine, allow yourself to be playful and explore your own creativity when it comes to vanity lighting. Pendant lighting can add an incredible amount of character to your space, especially when you pair it with color or pattern.

An At-Home Getaway

Build: @hiddenvalleyhomes || Lighting: @grahamsliving || Photo: @reedbrownphoto

Want to feel like you’re on vacation without ever having to leave your own home? Lighting is a design element that has the power to dictate the mood of any given space. Before you get started, it’s beneficial to identify how you want to feel when you are in that room and choose lighting that will help achieve that goal (don’t worry, we have lighting experts to help you!)

Oh, The Drama

Build: @buildnashville || Interior Design: @elena_desoto_interior_design || Lighting: @grahamsliving @megmacawesome

Backlit mirrors are gaining traction as an up-and-coming trend in residential design and we are here for it! Layered lighting not only makes a space more functional, it helps tell a story.


If you are looking to improve your bathroom lighting, then the friendly and knowledgeable team at Graham’s Living is here to help! Call to schedule an appointment with one of our lighting specialists, or swing by the showroom. We look forward to seeing you!