4 Steps to Creating a Fall-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

By this time each year, many of us find ourselves anticipating the changing of seasons and look forward to the cooler months ahead. One of the best ways to enjoy the new season is to create outdoor spaces that highlight fall, hospitality and family.

Big pots of steaming chili, harvest festivals, spiced apple cider and the return of football, fall brings so many rich activities! Here are 4 steps to take to ensure you will have a fall-friendly outdoor living space for all occasions.

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1. Step One: Assess Your Furniture

Selecting the right furniture is key when creating comfortable, yet durable outdoor gathering areas. Outdoor spaces should flow according to their intended use and the right furniture can help achieve optimal flow and function. Do you enjoy hosting large gatherings and dinner parties? Consider plentiful seating and a larger dining table. Perhaps large-scale hosting isn’t really your thing, and you would rather enjoy a more intimate evening around the fireplace with a glass of wine and a few close friends. In this instance, focus on comfortable seating and accent tables around a fire feature.

Helpful hint: In addition to thinking about how to make the space work for your intended purpose, be sure to consider the size, scale, and style of your furniture selections. Ex. If you have a smaller patio, select appropriate sized furniture that fits the scale of the space and a style that compliments the interior of your home. This will help the areas flow seamlessly into one another as your outdoor space will feel as an extension of your home.

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2. Step Two: Think About Food

What makes an outdoor gathering in perfect fall weather even better? Food, of course! Consider how your outdoor living space is set up to serve food and beverages. Do you have an outdoor kitchen? Bar area? Grill? Dining table for alfresco meals? Consider adding a buffet table for extra serving space. Again, set up your outdoor areas to serve your needs.

Helpful hint: Food is inviting! Bonus points if your outdoor entertaining area is set up to cook, serve, and enjoy food outside. Food cooked outdoors enhances the ambiance as the smells permeate the gathering area and adds to the overall experience.

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3. Step Three: Provide Warmth

Nothing beats a warm fire on a crisp autumn night. Whether it’s an outdoor fireplace or a free standing fire pit, establishing a fire feature as the focal point of your outdoor living area is a wonderful way to extend the life of your space well into the colder months. To make an outdoor space even more cozy and inviting, don’t forget to add pillows, blankets, and throws. Not only will they provide an extra layer of warmth, but it’s also a great way to add in color, texture and personality

Helpful hint: In addition to the decorative pillows and throws, consider an accent basket or two with extra cozy blankets inside. Bringing a little bit of the inside, outside, bumps up the comfort level which means more time spent making memories outside.

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4. Step Four: Consider Illumination

No space is complete without a well-thought out lighting plan, especially when the season changes and the days begin to get shorter! Flexible lighting can help you control the mood and ambiance of your outdoor oasis – it can enhance architectural features, landscaping, etc. Bistro lights are an inexpensive way to add charm and ambiance. Additionally, proper lighting of your outdoor space is necessary for safety and function – all pathways, steps, and entry areas should be adequately illuminated for you and your guests. Remember when choosing lighting for your outdoor spaces to 1) select fixtures that are rated for outdoor use, 2) be sure to select fixtures that are the right size, 3) choose the right temperature bulb, because nothing ruins a beautiful light fixture, or a living space more than a bulb that’s too bright or too yellow.

Helpful hint: “Temperature” refers to what kind of shade/color the bulb is going to give off when it is on. These colors are measured in degrees Kelvin (K). The lower the Kelvin number, the warmer the light is. For outdoor lighting, look for bulbs that have a temperature between 2,000K-3,000K. Aesthetically, this looks the best. Not only is it gentle on the eye, but it has a warm, classy look that is perfect for outdoor living areas, outdoor kitchens and decorative accents. For lighting around sheds, stairs, etc. we suggest looking for bulbs that are in the 3100K-4500K range. This produces a cool white light that encourages individuals to stay alert and attentive.

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