5 Reasons to Revamp Your Outdoor Lighting

Summer is in full swing here in Tennessee. You’ve got your patio all set for enjoying every BBQ, pool party and delicious summer fun the rest of this season has to offer. With all that time spent outside, you might be noticing it’s time to upgrade those outdoor fixtures, but you’re unsure of where to even begin. Good news! Now is the perfect time to make a change – whether you are looking to switch out the builder grade fixtures with something a little more your style or add a stunning chandelier to complete your outdoor oasis, the experts at Graham’s Living are here to answer all of your questions and help you find the right exterior fixtures for your home. Here are 5 great reasons to upgrade your outdoor lighting!

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting


Properly lit areas of your home are key to maximizing your outdoor spaces after dark. Having fixtures in all the right places can impact how you use your home once the sun goes down. Summer is the perfect time to install post lights, dreamy string lights, or finally say yes to that outdoor chandelier you’ve been eyeing.

Personal Style + Decor

We believe that outdoor living spaces should be extensions of our interior living spaces, and the best way to do that is to carry the personal style and comfort of the inside, outside! In addition to investing in comfortable outdoor furniture, swapping builder-grade fixtures at entryways, installing an oversized chandelier above outdoor dining spaces, and adding decorative wall sconces are all fun ways to add your personal touch and create the desired atmosphere.


Did you know that thieves are less likely to target a well-lit home? With fewer places to hide, a properly lit home on the outside provides for a secure inside! Aside from unwanted visitors, proper exterior lighting also helps you as the homeowner, and invited guests, stay safe when navigating decks, porches, and pathways after dark. Deck and patio lights, step lights, and pathway lights are excellent choices for preventing trips and falls.

Curb Appeal

Upgrading your exterior lighting, especially what’s seen from the road, can give your home that little extra “something” that helps put it above the rest! Beautiful and practical, enhanced curb appeal is a wonderful selling point, so if you are in the market or thinking about selling, upgrading the exterior fixtures on the street side is a wise idea. Landscape lighting, accent lighting and post lighting are all wonderful ways to highlight the positive features of your home. So showcase that beautiful home and create a place that makes you smile when you drive up after the sun has set.


Transform your backyard into a luxurious outdoor entertainment oasis! Lighting is one of the most powerful and accessible elements in design. Aside from providing illumination, lighting is used to transform the perceived size and scale of a space, and also to help craft the desired mood and atmosphere. Easily elevate your friend and family get togethers by making a few simple changes. Create a dreamy open air dining experience with moody string lights, a cozy hang out spot with a rustic chandelier, or an outdoor light/fan combo to keep the bugs and heat at bay.

Nashville’s Outdoor Lighting Specialists

If you are ready to begin the process of upgrading your exterior lighting, then the friendly and knowledgeable team at Graham’s Living is here to help! Call to schedule an appointment with one of our lighting specialists, or swing by the showroom. We look forward to seeing you!