All in the Details – Utilizing Hardware to Elevate Your Home

As Charles Eames said, “The details aren’t details, they make the design”

What does this mean, exactly? It means every detail, from the lighting selections to the hardware choices all play an integral part in telling a home’s story. 

As homeowners, designers, builders and homemakers,, we can leverage the power of details to dictate what a room says or communicate a certain feeling or vibe. A cool coastal kitchen may feature white cabinetry with polished nickel hardware to keep things bright, airy and inviting, a moody modern kitchen may feature dark cabinetry, bold countertops and sleek hardware for a strong, striking look.

From cabinet pulls in the kitchen to the door knobs down the hall, utilizing the fine details like hardware is an easy way to elevate your home and truly personalize a space. What story do you want your home to tell?

Builder: @castlehomes ⁠|| Interior Design: @theirongate || Lighting: @grahamsliving || Photo: @lesliebrownphotograph

Hardware Selection

Hardware has a significant impact for something so small, which means changing it is an easy and worthwhile update.

The good news? The available choices for hardware has never been greater! From styles, shapes, colors and sizes, customization is at our fingertips and is an excellent way to improve a kitchen, bathroom, or home as a whole.

Mixed Metals

A trend we have been loving all year is the use of mix-and-match hardware. Varying the style and color of knobs, handles, pulls and latches creates an intentional look that is unique and personalized.

Design: @morganthompsoninteriors || Construction: @thehandymasterco || Photo: @carolinesharpnack || Lighting: @grahamsliving

TIP: If using the same finish, make sure they match. Example – champagne brass is not the same as brushed brass. Be sure to order from the same manufacturer or get a sample first. 

When planning to mix metals, it’s helpful to establish dominant and secondary accents, allowing you the freedom to mix metals and styles, yet still keeping the space looking curated and intentional.

While there is no set rule on how many metals you can use in a given space, be mindful of what other metals are present, door handles, appliances, plumbing, lighting, etc. when choosing your dominant metal.

Design: @bothmindsdesign || Lighting: @grahamsliving || Photo: @nativehousephotography

This technique looks especially lovely in kitchens, where the larger scale lets variety shine. Try mixing latches, knobs and pulls in the same color on cabinets and drawers. Introduce secondary colors on door hardware and plumbing fixtures.

When NOT to mix metals?

You may be wondering, is there ever an instance when mixing metals is not a good idea? Lucky for us, industry trends have evolved and we are seeing plenty of beautiful spaces featuring mixed-metals, so really it’s a personal preference.

Elevate Your Home

Understanding the weight small details have on the overall design of a home, is important when creating something truly magical. You come to understand that a light fixture is not just a fixture, a cabinet knob is not just a knob, rather, they are characters in the story your home is telling.

Nashville’s Hardware Specialists

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