Bathroom Lighting 101: Create a Well-Lit Bathroom Once and For All

Bathroom lighting is one of the most important types of lighting to get right in your home. A properly lit bathroom can improve your morning and evening routines and even influence your mood! So, what creates the best bathroom lighting? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as screwing in a light bulb and calling it a day. There’s actually a lot to learn about knowing how to optimize the lighting in your bathroom. From choosing the right style options for the task to finding the right kind of bulb, it always helps to have expert guidance on your side.

Balance Natural Lighting and Other Lighting Sources

Layering lighting is one of the most important aspects of creating a well-thought-out lighting strategy. It considers the size and scale of the space, the task areas, and also takes into account the level of natural light available.
Though we love a good light fixture, there is nothing like ample natural lighting in a space. Be sure to consider the effect that natural lighting has when it’s present – and when it’s not – and plan your lighting fixtures accordingly.

Ambient and Task Lighting

Remember that a well-lit bathroom includes multiple light sources with distinct purposes. When it comes to bathroom lighting, focus your initial efforts on ambient, or overhead lighting first. Ambient lighting should fill the space with soft, yet bright light that mimics daylight. These overhead lights provide general illumination for the entire bathroom, however they are usually not enough on their own.
Once you’ve figured out the ideal placement of the overhead light fixtures, you can then add in task lighting and accent fixtures. Task lighting is pretty self explanatory. These lights are intended to make bathroom tasks easier by brightening the area the person is in. Accent lighting provides more visual appeal than function – though it is possible to have both!
Pro Tip: Installing dimmer switches on your ambient light sources is a great way to customize the experience and gain more control over the desired mood.

Vanity Lighting

Speaking of task lighting – besides the kitchen, there is no room in your home more oriented around getting tasks done than your bathroom. Which is why getting vanity lighting right is so important.
While overhead lighting provides good general illumination, it can also create harsh shadows and lines on your face when performing tasks like shaving or putting on makeup. We love installing two sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror, or a multi-light fixture above the mirror for ideal vanity illumination.

Chandeliers and Accent Lighting

While it’s generally function over form in the case of task lighting, accent lighting is a whole different ball game. Accent lighting is your opportunity to elevate the design of the space and make it your own.
Chandeliers are striking over a bathtub and can pack a serious design punch. They often help set the mood and create a relaxing and luxurious place to begin or end a day. Flush-mount fixtures are mounted into the ceiling instead of hanging down like a pendant or chandelier. They strike a nice balance between decorative pendants or grand chandeliers and hidden recessed lights. Sconces are always a bathroom favorite because they serve double duty: accent and task lighting. When installed on either side of a bathroom mirror, they instantly make the space look more modern and put-together.
Pro Tip: Remember that if you’re going to be hanging a chandelier over a bathtub, you’ll need at least eight feet of clearance above the highest portion of the bathtub’s walls to be in compliance with the National Electric Code.

Nashville's Lighting Specialists

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