First Impressions: A Guide to Curb Appeal Lighting

When it comes to your home’s first impression, curb appeal is everything. From the landscaping to the paint scheme and every detail in between, these visual components come together to create a picture – one that guests and onlookers use to form their opinion on how they think and feel about a home. This picture sets the tone and invites guests into a certain frame of mind – yes, even before stepping inside! 

It may be helpful to stop and ask yourself – What does this picture look like? Does the exterior of my home reflect the beauty of what’s within? Is there something missing, but I can’t quite put my finger on it? Are the architectural elements of my home properly highlighted? Do the existing light fixtures match the style and scale of my home?

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If you hesitated on any one of those questions, updating your exterior lighting may just be what you need. From the elegance of sconces to the charm of post lanterns, harnessing the magic of outdoor lighting can work wonders for transforming your home’s curb appeal.

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A well-thought out lighting plan

As with our interiors, a well-thought out lighting plan for the exterior of the home involves the same concept of layered lighting. Task lighting for the exterior includes entry lights, walkways, steps, and spotlights, while ambiance lighting includes landscape lighting and architectural highlights. While there are some crossovers as far as the function and safety of all exterior lighting, breaking them down by use is helpful and should be taken into consideration as the lighting plan starts to take shape.

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Of course, selecting the proper lighting for your home isn’t just about beautiful curb appeal, it benefits the function and safety of your home as well. By taking advantage of the variety of options and placements for your lighting, you can add style, safety, and security to your home.

A world of options at your fingertips

As the lighting industry continues to improve and expand, the number of options has never been greater! When determining fixture styles, keep in mind the overall design and architecture of your home and ensure your selection compliments and highlights these features.

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For a truly luxurious lighting experience (and bonus curb appeal points) consider integrating gas lanterns into your exterior lighting plan. With styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, and everything in between, designers have successfully combined its rich history with modern technology to offer a lighting option with unmatched beauty and charm.

Good lighting is all about the details

Sizing, light bulbs, timers, and switches, these are details that can make or break a lighting plan. Is the fixture the right size for the intended space? Is it rated for exterior installation? Are the light bulbs the right color temperature? Be sure to pay close attention and ask an expert if you have questions!

Many homeowners often choose fixtures that are too small and end up underwhelming the area you had hoped to enhance. You can check out our handy guide to choosing the right sized fixture for your exterior space.

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In addition to installing switches in convenient locations around the home, you can also make use of timers and photocell technology to program your outdoor lighting to turn on at a certain time or when dusk has fallen.

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