Kitchen Island Lighting You Will Love in 2022

We are excited to take some of this year’s hottest lighting trends to the kitchen!
Kitchen island lighting should enhance both the functionality and the aesthetics of the space and 2022 has some stunning options that are both on-trend and beautiful. Here are some of our favorite ways to incorporate these fixtures into your kitchen space.

Sustainable and Natural Materials

We are so happy that this lighting trend is still holding strong! Fixtures made with glass, rattan, bamboo, wood, seagrass, leather, fabric and even paper are all gorgeous on-trend choices. However, natural materials aren’t the only way to express this new lighting trend. This year you will also see designers apply this idea in fixture shapes as well. Think of a chandelier or pendant in the shape of a branch, leaf, or water droplet, designed out of respect for nature.

Design Focal Point

Lighting will become the design focus of rooms for 2022, and we are here for it!! We love this trend because it gives lighting the opportunity to push beyond mere functionality and become center stage! Intricate designs, fixtures that are “theatrically large” in scale, and linear pendants and chandeliers are all top choices.

Hanging Globe Pendants

This trend has been around for a while and continues into 2022 as we’ve seen in multiple designer collections. This style can be made of different materials, from hand blown glass to stainless steel, and recycled cardboard to etched metal. This look is always a favorite, and depending on the size of the island you may fit 2, 3, or sometimes even 4 globe pendants for a truly striking look!

Mix and Match with Black and Brass

Matte black has been trending for a while now, (and isn’t going anywhere) but now black is available in a few different iterations – black iron, black stainless steel, and satin black to name a few. We definitely love the striking look of an all-black fixture!
Brass is a wonderful and beautiful way to add a bit of luxury to a space. Like black, brass is also available in several different tones: like antique brass, polished brass, satin brass, and weathered brass. Whether it’s a solid brass conical pendant, a glass globe with brass accents, or another brass finish fixture, brass is an elegant way to add new life to your kitchen.
If you really want to go bold, try mixing black and brass for a truly stunning look. This pairing provides a lovely juxtaposition of rich depth and metallic shine.

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