Lighting Your Living Room

Design enthusiasts know that half the fun of decorating is planning your space. Planning for lighting takes extra care and attention, especially for the living room because it is used in so many different ways. You might display your best art there, read in a comfy chair, watch television, host parties, or even make a quilt. Each of these activities benefits from a different lighting scheme, and all must work together to create your intimate, personal, and dynamic room.

  • Lighting your living room properly can make all the difference
  • Three types of lighting – accent, ambient, and task
  • Graham’s Living adds luxury to your home lighting
    The Right Kind of Lighting

The Right kind of lighting

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The three main types of lighting are Accent, Ambient, and Task, but you don’t want to use them all at once. Too much light can make the room uninviting. A variety of lighting types for different times of day and different activities will make your living room your favorite room in the house.


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Accent lighting features your room’s highlights—a piece of art, an architectural feature, or even a side table. To ensure that accent lighting is not aimed at the tops of people’s heads or into their eyes, carefully arrange its placement and direction away from seating areas. Accent lighting can be found in recessed or track lighting, or even a single spotlight to draw attention to a painting. This type of lighting is normally found in the upper zone of the room, above the eye line.


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Ambient lighting is a great way to express creativity and have fun with your design. Sconces are a traditional choice and can add flair to a room by introducing a new texture or material into the mix. Strip lighting along the ceiling perimeter or behind free-standing elements, such as the television, offers a contemporary way to achieve a warm glow. Ambient light may even be recessed along an architectural edge to create a luxurious, high-concept look. Along with these options, many types of LEDs provide colored light, dimming, remote control, and programmability. Finally, use fairy lights, candles, or decorative low-light lamps to add simple, cozy charm.


Graham's Lighting Nashville Franklin TN Task Lighting
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Task lighting is always a very personal choice—a focused lamp for your favorite activity, whether reading or beading. Task lighting is usually found near or just above the eye line. Depending on your personal need, the lamps you choose might be adjustable spotlighting, a floor or table lamp, or an overhead hanging light. Be sure to consider the overall scheme of the room in terms of materials, texture, color, and size. A task lamp may not be used every day, but it will always provide a stand-out design element.

We bring luxury to every task

By using all three types of light, you can design not only a beautiful space, but a useful one. The only real secret to lighting your room is to plan carefully and choose personally. When all the arranging is done, your living room should feel like home. And you can rely on the designers at Graham’s Living to make sure you have the look and feel of luxury you and your home deserve.

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