Love Your Laundry Room! 5 Tips For Creating a Functional Space You Will Love

Like it or not, we all spend a considerable amount of time washing and folding laundry. In our homes the laundry room is one of the hardest working rooms, so why not create a space that will make you look forward to laundry day!

Ever heard the phrase, “The design is in the details”? Well, the laundry room is no exception. Paying attention to small details in this area of your home can really go a long way toward making laundry less of a chore.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for creating a functional space you will love spending time in, plus some gorgeous designs that are sure to inspire you!


The washer and dryer are your hardest working appliances, aside from maybe the dishwasher, unless of course you have a house full of boys!! Assess your appliances, is it time to upgrade? Be sure to choose an energy efficient set that conserves water and energy. Is your room pressed for space? Maybe a stacking or tower set would help save precious square footage. Front loaders under the counter are also a smart idea when you are pressed for space.

Takeaway || Energy efficient front loaders tucked under a countertop or stacked to maximize space.

Work Space

Thoughtfully planning out your work zones will help the overall flow and functionality of the space. The room should function around the washer and dryer with a sink or washtub nearby. Never underestimate the need for counter space. Not having enough work space can leave you feeling cramped and exasperated as things quickly get disorganized. Making sure everything has a place and a purpose will help things stay organized and efficient – thus, less of a pain!

Takeaway || Plan a work space for folding clothes, plenty of floor space to maneuver around with full laundry baskets, and a laundry sink or washtub for pre-treating stains and soaking clothes.

Storage Space

Ample storage is vital for the functionality of a laundry room. Detergents, chemicals, ironing boards, brooms and dustpans, there are a lot of household items that call the laundry room home so be sure to make a plan for storing them properly.

Takeaway || Plan your storage – overhead cabinets for storing detergents, base cabinets for tucking away laundry baskets, and open shelving with baskets for the smaller items like dryer sheets.


Easily our favorite way to transform any space, but of course we may be a bit biased! We love seeing designers and homeowners make bold lighting selections for laundry rooms. Afterall, this is a space where you can have a bit of fun! Choose a statement pendant or small chandelier, but be sure to carefully consider the size of the room and the amount of light needed. Don’t forget to consider task and accent lighting as another functional way to add style and character.

Takeaway || Choose lighting that can check both boxes – function and style.

Make It Yours, Make It Inviting

Choosing the right finishing touches can go a long way in creating something that is functional, beautiful and true to your own personal style. Play with color and pattern in your paint and tile selections and don’t be afraid to explore bold/contrasting hardware. Baskets are a great way to add texture and style while also serving a purpose – we love wicker and wire choices! Add in decor items like art, candles, plants and textiles for more character. Have dogs? Maybe incorporate a food and water station! These finishing touches help create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for you.

Takeaway || Utilize color, pattern and decor items to create a beautiful space that is all yours.

With these tips in mind, you can easily create a beautiful and hardworking space that will help you love doing laundry!

Nashville’s Lighting Specialists

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