Optimize Your Outdoor Living Space for Fall

Can you feel it? The hint of fall is finally in the air! And you know what that means! PATIO WEATHER! Now is the perfect time to optimize your outdoor living space. From furniture to lighting, and grills to fireplaces, each element works together to create the perfect outdoor oasis for you and your family to enjoy time together in the great outdoors. Read on for some of our top tips to making sure your outdoor living space is primed and ready to enjoy every big game, BBQ and alfresco dining experience this season has to offer.

Your Backyard Oasis

Whether it’s a family-friendly barbecue or a low-key cocktail hour with neighbors, your backyard can be one of the best places to entertain! Here are a few quick tips to ensure your outdoor living space is ready to shine this fall.
#1 Zones
If you haven’t thought about zones yet, now is a great time. Simply thinking about how you want to entertain, and what type of gatherings you plan on having will help you set up your zones effectively. Dinner parties? Be sure to have your dining set accessible to an entrance to your home, without blocking the flow of traffic. Cocktails with friends? Create a comfortable and inviting seating area around a coffee table, fire pit or outdoor fireplace. A place to watch the big game? Think cozy yet durable seating with a view of the big screen with extra seating options around the outdoor bar! Achieving zones not only helps with the overall flow and aesthetics of your backyard oasis, but can also help you plan out your furniture and decor.
#2 Thoughtful Selections
When selecting furniture and lighting for your outdoor living area, it’s important to choose pieces that are consistent with the rest of your home’s aesthetic. This ensures that your backyard paradise feels like an extension of the inside of your home, and less of an afterthought. While it may be tempting to choose lighting or furniture that is a bit out of your comfort zone because you saw it on someone’s blog or social media page – try to stay true to your home’s style. Remember there are plenty of unique options, based on your home’s current aesthetic, that can add visual interest without overwhelming your outdoor area – our lighting and outdoor living experts can help you!
#3 Ambiance is Everything
When we say ambiance is everything, we mean, ambiance is EVERYTHING. The key to achieving that perfect ambiance is through lighting! Placement, size, brightness, etc. all play an important role in creating a desired mood. Consider utilizing a dimmer switch to adjust the amount of light – this is especially important over the dining and main gathering areas. For a romantic ambiance that makes you feel like you’ve transported yourself to a charming cafe in Europe, add bistro lights. Landscape and feature lighting provide a layered look that can enhance the depth of your space and take things to the next level.
#4 Change Up Your Perspective
The main goal of a successful and well-thought out outdoor living space is to have it be an extension of the inside of your home. With that said, viewing your outdoor space from the inside, gives you a certain perspective that should be considered when choosing furniture, decor, and lighting elements. Consider this view and make any adjustments accordingly.
#5 Safety
Last but not least on our list of ways to ensure your outdoor space is optimized for entertaining this fall, is safety! While the aesthetics of your lighting and outdoor furniture is undoubtedly important, now is the time to ensure you have all the elements in place for keeping your family and friends safe. With entertaining, comes the flow of guests, entering, exiting and moving about your home; it’s imperative that your exterior lighting properly lights up walkways, obstacles and any potential hazards. Be sure to inspect all fixtures, bulbs, cords and identify anything that could indicate that something is unsafe for use.

Nashville’s Lighting + Outdoor Living Specialists

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