The Latest on Home Lighting Trends for 2020

We are thrilled to share our roundup of the best lighting trends for 2020! If you enjoy staying on top of design trends, and/or have home projects on your agenda this coming year – read on to discover the latest and greatest in residential lighting.

Lighting is an element of home design that can make a drastic impact. Simply swapping out pendants or adding a new table lamp gives you the ability to instantly change the look and feel of your space.

While this new year won’t bring any drastic changes to the world of lighting design, there are a few exciting trends we think you should take note of!

Top 10 Lighting Design Trends for 2020

Trend #1 - Soft Gold - The IT Hue of The Year

Soft gold is this year's popular finish. It is a beautiful middle ground between brushed silver and brushed gold (not to be mistaken for the bright brass you may find in your grandmother's house). This welcoming hue features a soft matte finish and a wonderful mellow warmth - and the best part? It seamlessly blends with almost any kind of decor - from mid-century modern to farmhouse.

lighting trend - black as the new neutral hanging kitchen lighting

Trend #2 - Black As The New Neutral

Following close behind soft gold as the “it” hue of the year, black is making a name for itself as a new neutral. It’s chic and edgy, yet classic enough to work with just about any style! Looks we are loving: the contrast a pair of black cone pendants bring to an otherwise light and bright kitchen space.

Lighting trend - modern clean lines light fixtures

Trend #3 - Modern + Clean Lines

This may not be a theme specific to lighting but there is an overarching design trend towards modern and clean lines that is gaining even more traction in 2020. In regards to lighting, older fixtures often feature ornate and excessive metalwork, while modern designs opt for a cleaner and more streamlined appearance. The minimalism trend will hold strong in 2020 as more refined and sophisticated fixtures become available, and we aren’t mad about it!

Lighting trend - retro and industrial indoor lighting

Trend #4 - Retro and Industrial Styles Are Here To Stay

We fell in love with the retro and industrial trend last year and are falling even harder for the more refined versions trending this year! We are seeing sleeker metals, richer tones and alternative designs. Looks we are loving: industrial sconces in bathrooms add character and visual interest without getting overly complicated.

lighting trend - mid-century modern

Trend #5 - The Mid Century Modern and Art Deco Comeback

There has been a recent revival for the love of Mid Century Modern and Art Deco Lighting, and we are here for it! The sputnik chandelier gained popularity last year, and this year they are back and even more refined and sophisticated than ever. Both styles are true functional pieces of art, and add charm and interest to any space.

lighting trend - natural materials

Trend #6 - Natural Materials

We love that the natural material trend is sticking around, yet made even better, with new styles thoughtfully refined into a more simplistic and streamlined look. This year's popular natural materials include wood, bamboo, jute, and rattan. We love this trend for the grounded yet worldly feel it adds to any space in a home. Try incorporating this style into your own space by adding a woven chandelier in your living space or installing a tassel chandelier in a bedroom for added warmth and texture.

Lighting trend - living wood bead chandeliers

Trend #7 - Wood Bead Chandeliers

Wood bead fixtures are boho-inspired but incredibly versatile as they are a unique way to add texture and natural material to your space. This trend is still going strong in 2020, and we love the relaxed yet put together vibe it has.

Lighting trend - living wood bead chandeliers
lighting trend - geometric shape fixtures

Trend #8 - Geometric Shape Fixtures

This style provides light and modern art that brings sophistication into any space. This year, we are seeing more streamlined looks - and a greater selection of geometric sconces. We are loving these styles featured in bathrooms, repeating multiple sconces down hallways, and even pendants hung in lieu of bedside table lamps.

lighting trend - bigger is better

Trend #9 - Bigger is Better

The bigger, the better. It seems the trend towards larger fixtures to create that special WOW factor is back again, at least for a little longer! Areas best suited for this trend are the foyer, dining areas, large bedrooms and over the kitchen island. We are loving the look of an oversized rattan pendant over a dining table!

lighting trend - living frosted textured glass pendants

Trend #10 - Frosted + Textured Glass Pendants

Frosted + textured glass pendants and table lamps are gaining in popularity, and for good reason, they give homeowners the chance to express character, while remaining modern in appeal. We are secretly thrilled that there are no major changes in lighting design for 2020, mainly because the designs last year were just that good! What we are seeing this year is refinement. Styles similar to last year are returning, just carefully reimagined into more modern and sophisticated versions. As always, trends serve as an inspiration, a vision board for what is possible in your own home. If you have questions, or would like to speak with one of our seasoned design specialists about incorporating trends into your home or design project, give us a call or stop by the showroom, we’d love to see you!