The Sweet Escape: 5 Tips on Creating the Ultimate Backyard Getaway

These days it’s ALL about the outdoor space. In fact, according to the New York Times, homes with an outdoor space (patio, balcony, backyard, deck, etc.) have actually increased in value post-2020. Which means finally getting around to finishing off those porches and patios is a worthwhile investment!

Aside from added value, ensuring your backyard set-up is just right is key to making the most out of these magical summer months. Here are our top 5 tips for transforming your backyard into your own personal getaway.

Tip #1 - Privacy

The secret to a truly relaxing backyard is privacy. Fences, large plants, hedges, structures, privacy screens, etc., all help create an intimate area for you and your guests to enjoy everything from morning coffee to happy hour.

Tip #2 - Garden Party

Bring your patio to life with the magic of nature! Assorted plants – flowers, shrubs, trees, etc., breathe life into their surroundings. Plants ground a space, bring in organic texture and dimension, and offer a natural calming vibe. Try grouping plants of differing heights, hanging plants on a patio and adding smaller greens and flowers to tabletops.

Tip #3 - Layers

Never underestimate the transformative power of textiles! Layering pillows and rugs in complimentary colors and patterns can make a huge impact in refreshing a space. Bright and bold colors help bring energy and edge to a backyard patio, while a more natural palette can help create a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere.

Tip #4 - Lighting

Perhaps our favorite element when transforming a space?! Lighting is one of the most powerful design tools – which holds true for both inside and outside spaces! Lighting can make a large area seem close and intimate, it can make a small area seem bright and inviting, it can feel playful, it can feel romantic…. Lighting has the power to truly dictate the feel of a space. In the backyard, try landscape lighting to add dimension after dark, try glowing string lights over the firepit or conversation area for an intimate and romantic feel, and try a statement pendant, chandelier or stylish fan to bring in height and personality.

Tip #5 - Seating

Thoughtful seating is a cornerstone of a good backyard design. Both style and arrangement are important factors to consider. Ideally furniture should be comfortable and inviting and arranged to support its purpose. For example, for conversation areas, arrange furniture in a way that encourages and supports conversation- chairs around a firepit, two sofas across from one another or another pair of chairs, etc. For meals, choose a dining set that is the correct size and scale for the space and the number of people you typically host. Whether it’s cocktails by the pool, a BBQ with friends, or watching the sunrise with your favorite morning drink in hand, we are here to help you enjoy everything this season has to offer- from your very own backyard oasis!

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